New Vocational Training Classroom

SAIL at Ferncliff Manor announces a new and additional classroom set up to provide the skills our students need to acquire and maintain jobs upon graduation.

Successful educational programs are those that produce successful adults. Helping students develop the abilities and knowledge required to pursue exciting opportunities after school is the goal of our program.

Vocational training classwork is designed to develop individual transition plans, providing instruction and skills based on each student’s needs, abilities, and personal interests. Our classroom focus will help students acquire their future job skills by modeling appropriate work behavior, inspiring social interaction, and encouraging them to build relationships with co-workers and supervisors in order to foster greater independence and accomplishment. Areas of focus include item matching, sorting, collating and assembling. In addition to working supportively with others, simulated job skills and practices will include stocking shelves, sorting items, clerical services, janitorial work, food service, and much more.

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