A Residential School Community
for “Every Student”

The School for Adaptive and Integrative Learning (SAIL) at Ferncliff Manor, Inc. is a New York State Education Department approved private, nonpublic school program serving a population of residential and day students with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities.

SAIL provides a wide range of supports and services including (but not limited to) specialized instruction, intensive staff to student ratios, positive behavior interventions and supports, social services, rehabilitative therapies (Speech, Occupational, and Physical), dietary programming, and living accommodations for children who require the specialized care offered by our comprehensive residential setting.

Adaptive and Integrative Learning

Our unique integrative approach to the way students experience learning and development is designed to ensure that each department works in concert to deliver a seamless education for all learners. In practice, this means that staff from each of our departments collaborate to design, develop, implement, and assess plans for instruction, community experiences, supports and services ensuring that all activities across all disciplines serve to support the goals of the core program and curriculum. Everything that we do is student centered, and incorporates expertise form multiple departments to deliver the best possible outcomes for every student.

School of Excellence

School for Adaptive and Integrative Learning at Ferncliff Manor is recognized as a NASET (National Association of Special Education Teachers) School of Excellence.